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What Is The Perfect Pour? | SCHOTT ZWIESEL Know

Why Swirling & Nosing Delivers A Better Taste  

  To get the most enjoyment from your wine you
need to be able to both enjoy (“nose”)
its aroma
 taste its flavour. To do that you need a wine
glass that enables you to:

   - Pour wine to a point on the bowl where it can “breathe”
   - So you can “swirl” (mix) without accident
   - Releasing aroma into the unfilled part of the bowl
   - So you can nose the wine prior to tasting it

Schott Zwiesel IVENTO Wine Glasses Filled to The Perfect Pour

Perfect Pours in Schott Zwiesel IVENTO glasses
© Schott Zwiesel

   The perfect pour will usually be low down near the 
widest part of the bowl. As a rough guide do not pour
above two fingers depth.

   At the point of perfect pour your wine has the widest
surface area with which to interact with the air. You will also
have enough room to swirl without mishap.

   And when you gently “swirl” – that is mix the wine
and air in the glass - you will cause the wine to oxidise,
releasing volatile particles that you scent as the
wine’s “aroma”.

Swirling Wine in a Schott Zwiesel AIR glass
Swirling Wine in a Schott Zwiesel AIR glass
© Fortessa® Inc

   In order to experience the aroma, it follows you need a
wine glass bowl big enough for you to safely introduce
your nose.

Mike Froud, Publisher, Nosing Wine
Mike Froud, Publisher, Nosing Aroma
© Mike Froud, Topwinesa .com

   Aroma is part of wine appreciation. More than half of
your tasting enjoyment will come from both scenting the
wine’s bouquet with your nose before tasting the
wine’s flavours with your tongue.

   By the way, shape of the bowl is worth a mention.

   Look for a design that tends to close in toward the rim.
This helps retain aroma in the bowl and places your nose
right in the column of fragrance rising off the wine. An
open, goblet shape is no good. The aroma gets lost.

Schott Zwiesel SENSUS Glass - A Classic Bordeaux Shape

Silhouette Of The Classic "Bordeaux" Glass Shape
Schott Zwiesel SENSUS Wine Taster
© Zwiesel Kristallglas

   Of course, some people will disagree, but the most 
useful shape, especially when you are setting out
on your wine appreciation journey, is the handy
“Bordeaux” glass.

   This is the typical shape of a wine tasting glass: A bowl
that closes in toward the rim.

   The shape may have originated in the wine growing
region of the Gironde River in South-West France. Or it
was simply found to be a
shape that best presented the
wines of the region.

   That "Bordeaux" region offers reds based on Cabernet
Sauvignon, Whites based on Sauvignon Blanc and the
sweet blend of Sauternes (Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc/Muscadelle).

   It is said that the shape of the Bordeaux glass calms the
acidity of the region’s wines.

   That may have been true before the advent of modern,
scientific blending techniques. What’s still true is that the
Bordeaux glass provides an “all round” shape that’s good
for nosing & tasting many wines.

   If you feel that a perfect pour offering is a glass half
empty, feel free to add more wine after your initial tasting.

   However, if you start with a full glass you won’t be able
to safely swirl the wine and there will also be less room to
accumulate aroma for your nose to detect.

   So, there you have it: Fill the glass bowl to no more
than two fingers depth.
Then you can gently swirl
(without mishap) to nose the wine’s aroma before you
taste its flavour. Enjoy.